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Hello and Welcome. To celebrate ColourVisions birthday we are giving away a months free trial of our membership package FOR FREE!

This is apart of our #StayHomeAndCreate campaign, helping those who are stuck at home!

To gain access to your free membership please fill out the form below so we can set you up!
Please note, this can take up to 24 hours to process. We will email you once your membership has been successful. Please make sure that you have liked ColourVision Online on Facebook and shared the post with the hashtag #StayHomeAndCreate as we will be checking! Those who do not complete these steps will not receive a months free trial.

We DO NOT take any credit card, debit card or personal information other than your name, mobile number, child's name, child's age

and email address.

We will email you when your free membership is coming to an end and give you to opportunity to purchase the memberships!

Please make sure to check out our online workshops! We have Gaming and TikTok sessions running!

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ColourVision Online is apart of the ColourVision Academy. Created on the idea of getting children to use their imagination to create wonderful things. We do this through our Film-Club, where we let children express themselves through the world of Film & Video.

ColourVision Online offers the same amazing benefits that ColourVision Academy offers but all online! A low monthly cost gives you an Aladdins Cave of tutorials, blogs, Zoom calls, competitions, tips, tricks and more to help you become an amazing film maker!

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