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APPEAR ON OUR GAMESHOW - Are you childish enough?


We are taking on parents/guardians who are more childish than the children to appear on our new gameshow called “Act Your Age”. If your accepted onto the show, you will be asked to join a Zoom Call on our the 17th, 18th, 24th or 25th of October.

Parents are the most affected at the moment. Let’s bring some childish fun to them.


The show will include silly challenges (like impressions). Trivia to really test if you’re in tune with today’s trends and some more surprises!


To compete YOU MUST do the following

1. Like the page ColourVision TV on Facebook

2. Share this post with #Happybirthdaycolourvision on Facebook

3. Complete the form below

Please make sure to check out our online workshops! We have Gaming and TikTok sessions running!

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