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Below you can join up from only £10 a month. This site is moderated regularly but we always recommend that when children use any online service that parents stay connected to us as possible. When you join, please use an email that a child can access. You will also receive a set-up email. This will allow the parents to be added into a Facebook group. By doing this we can keep in contact with our users and resolve any questions quickly. We really do hope you enjoy this service. It is important to learn new skills and dream bigger.

Choose between our 3 wonderful memberships, all created to help you reach your goals depending on the childs age. Unsure if the membership is right for you? Why not send us a message to discuss! We'd love to hear from you. Visit our Contact us page to either contact us via the form or via social media.


ColourVision Online is apart of the ColourVision Academy. Created on the idea of getting children to use their imagination to create wonderful things. We do this through our Film-Club, where we let children express themselves through the world of Film & Video.

ColourVision Online offers the same amazing benefits that ColourVision Academy offers but all online! A low monthly cost gives you an Aladdins Cave of tutorials, blogs, Zoom calls, competitions, tips, tricks and more to help you become an amazing film maker!

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