Member Monday - Weekly Advice!

Week 1

Remember this Months Theme is: SPACE VIDOES – You can send videos into to be featured on our website.

Getting out there: So, you want to get noticed for your amazing new videos. Try connecting with friends who are interested in the same thing. Here’s an example. If you make football videos, get all your friends who are into football to share it with their football friends. Perhaps there is a town football club that would be willing to share your video. Just think this – What is my video about – Who do I know that would be into this kind of video – Will they share it for me?

You can also think about doing a collaboration. This is when you get someone interested in the same type of video as you and then both of you create a video together. The more faces to share the video when you start off is a big help when starting out. It’s how I started - Ryan, Director.

Camera: Don't shake the camera! Unless it's an action scene, you usually want to avoid having the camera bob up and down, especially as it can cause motion sickness in the viewer. The best solution is a tripod for your camera, it'll hold it nice and steady for you, but if not a tripod even just propping up on something will be an improvement!

Editing: To start editing, you don’t need anything fancy. Below I have listed all of the free editors we could find so far. 




Adobe Rush


Filmora Go





Filmora Go

Laptop (Windows) 


Lighting: Lighting is key! Remember that the camera doesn't always work like our eyes, they're not always as good at adjusting to low or high brightness, so remember to check on the camera footage to see if it's the right amount of brightness for you, and if it isn't open or close curtains and turn lights on or off to your need!

General: Keep the sound clear! When recording it can be easy to forget about the importance of sound, as much of the viewers understanding of your video is based on what they hear while watching it, so remember to keep the camera's microphone close to what you're recording, or even get a seperate microphone to move around freely!

Weekly Challenge: Make a video that involves an alien. Perhaps you could film a toy alien and put a voice over the top of the edit to make it look like the Alien is talking? Now that would be pretty cool.

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