Member Monday Weekly Advice

Week 4

Getting out there: Keep it fun! Try to involve yours or other's interests in the video, and remember that if you and others in your video are having fun, viewers can feel that joy and excitement and make the video more fun for them to watch!

Camera: Use different angles where you can. This will really spice up your videos. All the world's your stage! Try lots of different locations for your videos, viewers appreciate variety in backgrounds for your videos so start thinking about some cool locations that fit your video's content!

Editing: Try adding a logo to your videos. Sure this is kind of editing! Photo editing! Here are some free logo editors to check out:

Lighting: Softboxes are a great place to start. Get two softboxes and light both the right side and left side of your main subject (This could be you or an actor) and get filming. Make sure there is no part of you that is too dark for the audience. Lighting is so important.

General:  Stay safe! Recording videos is all good and fun, but always keep safety as your number one priority, endangering yourself or others is never worth any video, so keep an eye out when recording as it's easy to get swept up in recording and forget about any possible present dangers!

Weekly Challenge: Make a video that involves something really sad... but then turns really happy in the end. Can you create emotion in the video?

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