Member Monday Weekly Advice!


Getting out there: Make sure you ask your viewers to help you out. Make sure you always give something to the viewers. Try something like “Hey guys, if you liked my video then please comment below what you liked about it”. It is really important when you try and grow any project to get feedback from the people who like you the most.

Camera: DSLR cameras are used for mainly photography and video cameras or “Camcorders” are great for just video recording. Have a look at different types of DSLR and camcorders to find one that is right for you.

Editing:  Play with colours and brightness when editing. Colour correction is so important. Here’s a little video that I think is helpful.

Lighting: Lighting can show emotion. When I think of a bright sunny day, I think about being happy. A dark gloomy night is usually the feeling of tension and unease. Think about how you can use lighting to make your videos look happy or sad.

General: Bring backups! When heading out to record always check to make sure your equipment is working first, and even if it's working now it could start causing trouble later on, so if you have any backups or other equipment you can use instead bring those as well if you can, as you wouldn't want to waste a trip because of faulty kit!

Weekly Challenge: Make a tense video involving a cowboy stand-off. Get a close up shot of the eyes to make it really intense.

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