Weekly Advice and COMPETITION!!!! August 1st-August 31st

This week I'd like to bring attention to something called Growth Mindset and how useful that is when making videos. All this means is.... when you mess up.... that's ok!

Making videos, art, music or pretty much anything creative means you need to keep messing up to get better. You're always learning and you will never start out and be the best of the best. Keep making, keep messing up and make sure you get 1% each time and you'll be the best video creator of all time! I've attached a video of this in the "Weekly Tutorial" section on the website. Make sure you check it out.



WIN A CODING KIT (Coding Watch - Make your own games)

This month we have a huge competition! We want you to get creative!

Using whatever you have (Phone, camera, free editors, music, whatever it is!) We want you to create a superhero video. This could be a serious or funny video... as long as it's about superheroes. Maybe you're superpower is the ability to make bananas appear! Or maybe it's mind-control... get creative!

Send your video submissions to Hope@colourvisiononline.co.uk

We will be picking a winner on the 31st and delivering our coding kit to you!

How fun - Ryan & Charley

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