Member Monday Weekly Advice

Week 3

Getting out there: When you upload a video to the internet, we have something called “Tags” or “Hashtags”. You can check what videos are trending and try and tag the trends. For example, Fortnite (Video Game) might be really popular but you’re into comedy. You can make a comedy video about Fortnite and then you could attach the following tags to the video.






Camera: To start out, your camera doesn’t need to be the best. You can use a smartphone if needs. Follow our advice on editing and lighting to make your videos look great even without a big fancy camera.

Editing: Adding sound effects and background music into the edits is a great way to make your videos stand out. You can get something called “Royalty Free Music”. This just means this music isn’t copyrighted and you’re allowed to use it. I have attached the link that I use here:

Lighting: Lighting gels can be added to a light (A softbox is the most common light used when starting out) to create a different colour. Having your own colour can really make a video feel more “You”. You can also use colours to create an effect. For example, a horror movie might use lots of reds to show that there is danger coming. Here’s what gels look like

General: Plan ahead! Before you pick up that camera and head out remember to spend a bit of time thinking about how you're going to make that video you want to make happen, it pays to prepare beforehand!

Weekly Challenge: Make a video where you talk but someone else's voice comes out of your mouth. How will you manage this one? ;)

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