"Creative Children"

Celebrating creative children of the community

          "A Magical, Entertaining online show"

What Happens?


Your host will pull out two cards! A character and a scenario card. Then, you must do your funniest impression! For example card one might be "A Cat" and the second card might be "getting angry". The children's job is to do an impression of a Cat getting angry.

Try not to laugh

Using screenshare we will be playing funny clips for the children. The aim is to try not to laugh, every round without laughing will grant you a point. 

Who's that Star???

We will play clips of famours YouTubers, TikTokers and Movie Stars for your children to try and guess who's voice it is! A quick round to score some extra points.

Word Bomb

The host starts the timer, we then have to "Name things that begin with the word A" (Example) to move the bomb onto the next person. Don't let the bomb catchyou out.



Silly Trivia


We count up everyone's points and go into deadlock. The two children with highest points go head to head for the prize.

ColourVision Online is apart of the ColourVision Academy. Created on the idea of getting children to use their imagination to create wonderful things. We do this through our Film-Club, where we let children express themselves through the world of Film & Video.

ColourVision Online offers the same amazing benefits that ColourVision Academy offers but all online! A low monthly cost gives you an Aladdins Cave of tutorials, blogs, Zoom calls, competitions, tips, tricks and more to help you become an amazing film maker!

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